Appcues Alternatives and Competitors

Are you looking for a user onboarding tool lately and trying to find an option rather than Appcues? Search no more. We have listed the most popular Appcues alternatives, including low-cost and free (open-source) options.

We have collected information from lots of user reviews on websites such as Reddit, Capterra, G2Crowd and we impartially evaluated their pros and cons from the point of use cases and how costly they are. 

This article is going to be helpful for you to understand the similarities and dissimilarities between Appcues and its 4 other in-demand alternatives. Furthermore, we append criticisms of some customers of those products and we created a comparison table for you to easily figure out the differences before choosing to use Appcues or its competitors.

The Appcues alternatives we are going to evaluate:

  1. UserGuiding
  2. WalkMe
  3. Whatfix
  4. Crumble (Open source)

First, let’s dive into pros and cons of Appcues:


appcues alternatives and competitors

Appcues have brought an innovative approach to onboarding. Before its foundation, high technical knowledge was a very important need for building an ordinary onboarding guide. This tool has broken the rules by offering a no-code onboarding product to the world.

They also presented various new onboarding elements to the world that everyone loves today, such as user onboarding checklists and tooltips. Appcues has also been employed by big enterprises.

But, even though it’s a “no-code” software, it is not as easy-to-use Appcues as you might expect. It can be timesink for companies which have not workers who can spend a long time creating onboarding flows and product tours. Once for all, you may need to devote a considerable amount of budget to Appcues. It is truly a not inexpensive option.

Comments of An Appcues User:

Pros: I’m especially fond of how easy the AppCues interface is to use. It makes executing upon in-app messaging programs (via slide-outs and modals) a breeze, and adding training elements (hover-overs and tool-tips) can be done in a snap.

Cons: Occasionally the app will “stick” and metrics will be slow to populate – but that’s probably due to user impatience more than anything else.

UserGuiding – Powerful and Easy-to-use User Onboarding

Similar to Appcues, UserGuiding is a user onboarding tool that provides product managers and customer success managers to create interactive guides, product tours, and customer checklists and track the analytics for each step.

UserGuiding is a pretty new one on the user onboarding world. It is a newly-established San Francisco based startup. Nevertheless, it is fresh, it has been growing rapidly and is transforming from an unrecognized tool into a very preferable brand for enterprises such as Red Ventures, Mobile Action, İs Investment, Young Capital and Foriba.

The two very significant facts that make this tool preferable are its invaluable customer support and innovative approach to the product. The customer support team assists regardless of any condition and whenever users need help. Plus, feedbacks and special requests received from customers are important opportunities for the developer and product team to improve UserGuiding.

This tool will be the very proper option for you unless you have much technical knowledge and want to spend a long time to implement onboarding guides to your product 😎. Because no coding required to use any feature of it, and UserGuiding is highly simple to use. Lastly, pricing is easy to attain. It is one of the most popular low-cost Appcues alternatives.

Comments of A UserGuiding User:

Pros: Beautiful & useful dashboard, easy to use when on board, guides are more accurate than before also new features seem to be reliable.

Cons: We need more integrations and detailed reports for dashboard also if possible MAU should be higher than current.

WalkMe – The Unicorn of Digital Adoption

appcues alternatives walkme

WalkMe is a cloud-based application that provides product managers and customer success managers to conduct in-app experiences and creates product walkthroughs.

It is the oldest product in the market. It has been providing companies to build product tours for almost a decade.

The truth behind why WalkMe is popular for a very long time is that it is a really good option for large companies who want to use a reliable product. It is employed by big and famous companies, such as Cisco, RBC Royal Bank, Microsoft, and Paypal. So, This makes Walkme a very credible name.

However, it may not be the most preferable option that can always meet your needs. Because this tool is not so easy to understand, implementing Walkme is harder than you might expect, and a remarkable level of technical knowledge is required. In addition, you may have to sacrifice a big amount of money to use it. It is a very pricey Appcues alternative.

Comments of A Walkme User:

Pros: Walkme is great at guiding users through simple processes, teaching them along the way. It also has a good popup system for getting the word out to many users.

Cons: I have had bad experiences with the support, and now expect issues to take a lot longer to resolve than they should. Changes “Improvements” to the system have not always been purely positive, removing some basic functionality that was previously there and very useful.

Whatfix – A Good On-Premise Alternative

appcues alternatives whatfix

Whatfix is functionally more similar to WalkMe than Appcues. The product offers in-app guidance and performance support. The target segment of this tool is mostly enterprise companies.

You can create goal-based walkthroughs, it allows you to guide your users with step-by-step onboarding experience without any coding effort.

The product can automatically create segments for better targeting. It is very responsive to users’ specific needs. Whatfix also provides in-app help based on what, where, and who.

It can be integrated with a wide variety of other tools which allows you to work more efficiently.

Even so, it requires technical know-how because Whatfix is on-premise. However, It would be a very good Appcues alternative.

Comments of A Whatfix User:

Pros: What I like about Whatfix is the ease of use and can make a walk through in just a few minutes and out to the user to use. More complex integrations required me to contact Whatfix support (Sneha is the greatest!!!) and they have been able to guide me through any issues i have ran into.

Cons: If i have to come up with any Cons about Whatfix i would say the Integrations table is getting harder to manage. Reason for this is that my software is vary versatile and users use our software differently and I have to create custom Walk Through’s for each. It has taken me a while to manage the Integration portion but Whatfix has been very patient and helpful every step of the way.

Crumble – Opensource & Free Appcues Alternative

Crumble provides an easy way to create product tours quickly by using little bubbles. It’s a free Appcues alternative, although it’s not as great that. Of course.

You can download crumble from the public repository on github.

free appcues alternative

Appcues Alternatives Comparison Table

appcues alternatives comparison chart
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