Is there a good tool for giving automated guided tours of web apps?

There are lots of great SaaS software that you can create automated product guide tours of web apps. While choosing one for your business, you should consider some steps.

I’ll explain why UserGuiding is currently the best option in 3 steps:

Best guided tour software in 2019

  • UserGuiding has a special feature that is called β€œAssistant”, which lets your web app users search for help about whatever they need and get the relevant automated guide on-demand.
    This feature lets your guides to be reusable and help your users whenever they need help.
  • It’s the easiest tool for non-technical people. Check out this video that explains how to prepare a product tour with two steps under 100 seconds!
  • With UserGuiding, you can share guide links with your colleagues and managers without setting them live for visitorsCheck out this example of Gmail tour .

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