The Best User Manual Creating and Maintaining Software Product in 2019

With more and more new software from startups every day, an automated user manual creating and maintaining software is mandatory. Because you just can’t talk to every user and tell them to do the same thing, again and again, meanwhile you have lots of really important stuff to do.

Why not using Help Wikis and FAQs as User Manuals?

The classical Help Wikis and FAQs are getting outdated with the rise of interactive User Guiding software. Because people want to be guided interactively and learn your software by using it, when they need help.

They don’t actually read long documentswatch videos to learn how our software works.

Let me ask you, would you like to read pages of documents to understand a complex product such as Thundra, or just learn how to use it effectively with an interactive tour, such as this one? Demo

I can see you are shaking your head and keep reading for more. Awesome!

Let me explain why UserGuiding is currently the best product suggestion to build interactive user manuals and product tours.

The Best Software Suggestion to Create Interactive User Manuals

  • UserGuiding has a special feature that is called “Assistant”, which lets your web app users search for help about whatever they need and get the relevant automated user manual guide on-demand. 

    This feature lets your guides to be reusable and help your users whenever they need help.
The Best User Manual Creating Software - Assistant for On-demand Customer Service
  • Developers are in their golden age, we are in the era of coding. But, this causes them to be always busy. There is always important stuff to code to improve and maintain. 

    UserGuiding is a code-free guided product tour creating software. If you can create slides in Google Slides, you can create a perfect product tour with UserGuiding. It requires zero coding.

    Check the video below to see how easy it is. Takes only 100 seconds!
  • Detailed analytics: Management guru Peter Drucker is often quoted as saying that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Now think about it: How can you know if your interactive user manuals are actually beneficial, if you don’t count how many people complete them, and how many of them just quit in its first steps?

    UserGuiding has detailed analytics. You can see completion rates of each guide, each step to see where you have more improvements.
The Best User Manual Creating Software - Analytics for Conversion
  • With UserGuiding, you can share guide links with your colleagues and managers without setting them live for visitorsCheck out this example of Gmail tour.
  • Segmentation and targeting specific users will boost your conversions. With UserGuiding, you can target people from a different location, language, referral URL or use retargeting with their onboarding history on UserGuiding.
The Best User Manual Creating Software - Segmentation for Conversion

Disclaimer: I’m the VP of marketing at UserGuiding, where we are working hard to build the best product tour tool on the planet.

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