The Best UX Tools in 2019 & Their Pricing

There are dozens of different UX tools being used in UX design, which can make a UX designer feel confused about choosing the most effective and trustworthy ones. So we made a categorized list of Best UX Tools 2019 that can give you exclusive clues and information on their functions and pricing.

Before diving into the list of best UX tools 2019, let me remind you that this article will be updated regularly. So bookmark the link to easily access it later again for more UX tool suggestions

The Best Customer Success Tools For UX

With more and more products every day to solve our problems and needs, from foldable phones to user onboarding software, we have various options and it’s getting harder to decide on which one we should give our attention to.

Customer success tools help your customers maximize their gain from your product while supporting your marketing, sales, and product development activities.

1. Intercom – The all-in-one Platform for Customer Messaging

Intercom is one of the most successful customer messaging platforms. It allows your business to connect with potential clients and existing customers with targeted content, behavior-driven email, in-app, and web messages.

Help center with the frequently asked questions, drip mailing campaign, live chat as a help desk… Intercom is there to help with the whole journey of your users with your business.

Who Uses Intercom Software?

From Shopify to Atlassian and UserGuiding, many different companies are using Intercom to communicate with their users as the main growth & customer success tool and as their help center.

Intercom Pricing Information

Intercom pricing might be high but it has a start-up plan with special $49/month for a year. But without that, a bit pricy, although still being the one of the best preference if you can spare the budget.

If your company is not eligible for the start-up plan, Intercom pricing starts $136/month. It also has other modules that you might want to buy to increase the efficiency of Intercom such as custom bots & articles with an extra budget.

Best Customer Success Tools - Intercom

Editor’s Review:

Intercom is “The Swiss Army Knife” software for customer success. I definitely recommend it for eligible start-ups.

2. UserGuiding – Code-free User Onboarding Software

UserGuiding is a non-technical and a friendly user onboarding tool that provides customers with creating and previewing interactive guides. Your team will save a large amount of engineering time while your marketing or product team can prepare product tours to show the core value of your business to your visitors!

You can also track the performance of your guides with in-depth step analytics. That means you are able to track the number and percentage of people proceeding to the later steps. Therefore you’ll know how to guide your customers to success.

Who Uses UserGuiding Software?

  • Product & marketing teams with limited development resources to boost product adoption.
  • SaaS product owners with complex panels for their users to create a product walkthrough.
  • Start-ups with limited time and resources to build an onboarding flow.
  • Enterprises to build employee onboarding processes.

UserGuiding Pricing Information

Currently, in 2019, UserGuiding has two subscription plans for start-ups and growing companies, starting from $99 per month. For more information, check the onboarding software pricing page.

3. Feedier – Collect Valuable Feedback About… Anything!

Feedier allows you create a win & win situation with your customers. You collect feedback, get insight. They get rewarded with unique gamified experience. Sounds great, isn’t it?

You can create email & text campaigns, create customizable widgets or create printable PDFs with Feedier to collect some feedback. And your users will be able to get rewarded with coupons, downloadable files, custom messages and even money transfer via PayPal.

With a built-in reward management system and individual reports & analytics and Zapier integration, Feedier is a great customer success tool that every product manager should give a try.

Who Uses Feedier Software?

Individuals, product teams, mobile app owners, actually, any online business owners.

Feedier Pricing Information

Feedier has a forever free plan that you can collect unlimited feedback. Premium plans start from €59/month currently in 2019.

4. ChurnZero – Helps you fight churn monsters

ChurnZero has a very clear name about what the product is about: fighting the churn and improving retention.

With real-time alerts that tell you how your customers are engaging with your product, customer health scores that anticipates the success or failure for each customer and segmentation, ChurnZero is your best friend to keep your customers paying in monthly subscription business.

Who Uses ChurnZero Software?

Customer success and product teams that have a subscription-based business.

ChurnZero Pricing Information

There is not much public info about ChurnZero pricing because they have a very customized product. So you should ask for a demo to learn your unique pricing to reduce churn with ChurnZero.

Best Customer Success Tools - ChurnZero

The Best UX Design Prototyping Tools

Design prototyping tools let designers create projects faster and simulate how the product flow will work. Sharing your design prototypes with your team and clients is a life and time saver.

1. Origami Studio – Built and Designed by Designers at Facebook

With Facebook, Messenger and Instagram built-in Origami, it’s for sure one of the best design prototyping tools. You can design with layers, reuse components, build interactions and preview your prototype on your mobile device with Origami Live app.

Who uses Origami Studio software?

Mobile app designers who use Sketch. Protip: You can copy anything from Sketch and paste to Origami Studio.

Also, there is a big community on Facebook, you can ask any questions you have here: Origami Community.

Origami Studio Pricing Information

Origami Studio is free. So it’s one of the best free tools for mobile app design.

Best Design Prototyping Tools - Origami

2. Webflow – Design, and Development, without Coding

Webflow empowers designers to launch blogs, portfolio websites, landing pages, and even e-commerce stores with coding visually.

It has CMS, hosting, a university to teach you whatever you want to learn for free.

Who uses Webflow software?

  • UX designers for prototyping.
  • Freelancers & agencies for designing and launching client websites.
  • Marketing teams for running product websites & blogs, without much need for developers.
  • Business owners to design & launch store websites without much coding.

Webflow Pricing Information

Webflow has a forever free plan for individuals, with two projects and no white label.

Premium plans for this great prototyping tool starts from $42/month.

Best Design Prototyping Tools - Webflow

3. Marvelapp – The all-in-one Platform for UX/UI Design

While Intercom is the all-in-one platform for communication with your users, Marvel is the design version of it.

Marvel is commonly used as a prototyping tool but it goes beyond that with wireframing, automating design to the development process, collaboration with your team and lastly, user testing.

Who Uses Marvelapp Software?

Freelancers, agencies, product teams, enterprises… If you have something visual on the web, you can use Marvel to empower your design abilities.

Marvelapp Pricing Information

Marvel has a forever free plan for individuals to bring their ideas to life. Removing branding starts from $19/month. And if you are in a large organization, check out Enterprise pricing.

PS – Check the video below for the latest feature of Marvelapp. User testing lets you see how people use your design with their audio & video feedback. It’s very cool.

The Best Collaboration Tools for Product Teams

Team collaboration software is on the rise, and some of them are epecially built for designers. With giving you the ability to work on the same project as a team at the same time, these tools are a great way to boost the productivity of your team.

1. Whimsical – The visual workspace for team collaboration

Whimsical provides a unique way to collaborate on your ideas visually. You can create beautiful flowcharts and wireframes with speed and ease and focus on your idea, not design.

Whimsical comes with three main features: Flowcharts, wireframes and sticky notes. In addition to diagramming, it helps you to create simple yet expressive wireframes.

Who Uses Whimsical Software?

Product teams use Whimsical to create user & development flows. Similarly, UX designers for any desktop & mobile app use it for wireframing.

However, everybody likes sticky notes. You can create kanban boards, lean canvas or just keep notes of your meetings. Therefore, I can say that Whismical is for everyone.

Whimsical Pricing Information

With a free forever option, Whimsical is also one of the best free collaboration tools.

But for large teams or really busy people, it has pricing starting from $12/month.

Best Team Collaboration Tools - Whimsical

2. Zeplin – Connented Space for Product Teams.

Zeplin bridges the gap between designers and developers, helping the former provide the developers with all the elements they need to properly put together new apps and facilitating communications between the two over the course of the project.

It works as a plugin for Sketch and Photoshop CC, Figma and Adobe XD CC. You can easily import projects into Zeplin workspace, invite team members and ta-da 🎉

Who Uses Zeplin Software?

Product teams, web or mobile, should use Zeplin if they are not already using it. It is currently the best software to connect product designers and developers.

Zeplin Pricing Information

Zeplin Pricing has a forever-free plan for start-ups and individuals. Therefore it’s definitely one of the best free design collaboration tool for product teams at the moment.

Here is the Zeplin Pricing: Premium plans start from $19/month, and there’s also an enterprise plan that starts from $147/month.

Editor’s Review:

Zeplin is one of the easiest ways to hand-off design between the design team and the development team. Importing into Zeplin is easily done through plug-ins, HTML/CSS codes are automatically written for the developers based on the design, and assets are easily downloadable directly on the Zeplin platform.

A must-have software for start-ups, especially with its free plan.

Best Design Team Collaboration Tools - Zeplin

The Best A/B UX Testing and Split UX Testing Tools ( UX Experiment Tools )

A/B testing is the act of running a simultaneous experiment between two or more pages to see which performs or converts the best. Despite the name (A/B testing), the experiment can be conducted with as many pages as desired. (Learn more about A/B testing on Unbounced’s very detailed article: What is A/B testing?)

To make data-driven decisions, A/B tests are the best way for growth teams to try out new ideas. Instead of “I’ve got this idea, which I believe will work better than the current one”, thanks to A/B tests, now we say “As the result of our A/B test with the sample size of 25,000 visitors, red CTA button converts 12% than the green one”.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

1. Monetate – Intelligent Personalization Engine

With Monetate, you can test and target the entire shopping experience and customer journeys across the web, email, and mobile apps. A great tool to boost conversion with its own intelligent personalization engine.

Although it does so many great things at the same time, Monetate is very easy to use. It’s one of the best a/b testing tools for marketing campaigns.

Who Uses Monetate Software?

E-commerce sites, product teams of growing companies and enterprises.

Monetate Pricing Information

Monetate offers custom pricing for your website or app, so you can book a demo with them to learn your unique pricing.

Best A/B Testing Tools - Monetate

2. Google Optimize – From Google with Data

For start-ups looking for a cheap a/b testing and personalization tool, Google Optimize is a great choice. Because, well, it has a free plan that is very sufficient for small businesses.

Integrating Optimize with Google Ads and Analytics is also a big plus. Furthermore, its visual editor is very easy to use.

Who Uses Google Optimize Software?

Start-ups, product teams and online business owners that aim to improve conversion rates with a/b testing & personalization.

Google Optimize Pricing Information

Optimize is definitely one of the best free a/b testing tools. It is easy to use, have detailed reporting to help you boost your conversions.

Enterprises, on the other hand, should talk to sales and get pricing according to their needs.

Best A/B Testing Tools - Google Optimize

UX Analytics and Event Tracking Tools

UX analytics and event tracking tools allow marketers, product teams, sales teams and user researchers to capture the actions of their websites’ users. You can collect the data to make evaluations, so it helps you understand your customer’s actions and enhance your marketing strategy and user experience.

1. Woopra – End-to-end Customer Journey Analytics

Woopra offers real-time data-driven customer analytics, which enables sales, marketing, and product teams to effortlessly analyze the different segments and funnels on your website. The platform is designed to help startups and enterprises optimize the customer life-cycle by delivering live, granular behavioral data for individual website visitors and customers.

Best UX Analytics Tools - Hotjar

Who Uses Woopra?

Sales teams, products researchers, marketing teams and prodcut teams employ Woopra to make critical assesment on their website and also specific products.

Woopra Pricing Information

Woopra gives three subscription plans: Core is $0/month, which can be a very good offer for start-ups. It is free up to 500K action and 90 Day data retention. Pro ($999/month), and Enterprise (custom priced).

2. Clicky – Web Analytics in Real-Time

Clicky analytically reports various ‘on-site’ actions, such as page views and downloads. It allows you track whether users proceed to next step and on what steps they quit. Furthermore, it also demonstrates analytical information of activities on social media. Many analytics tools update once a day, Clicky is one of the exceptions. This tool shows real-time statistics.

Who Uses Clicky?

Likewise other event tracking tools, Clicky is mostly used by sales teams, products researchers, marketing teams and product teams.

Clicky Pricing Information

Clicky has both paid and free plans, all new accounts automatically get a free 21 day trial of premium service, with access to all features and the ability to track up to 3 web sites and 1,000,000 daily page views.

3. Hotjar – The Fast and Visual Way to Understand Your Customer

Hotjar is a powerful tool that reveals the online behavior and voice of your users. By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site’s user experience and performance/conversion rates.

Best UX Analytics Tools - Hotjar

Who Uses Hotjar?

People who are in charge of marketing, sales and user research employ Hotjar.

Hotjar Pricing Information

Hotjar offers 3 different kinds of pricing plans: personal, business, and agency. It is free up to 2,000 page views per day for personal accounts and prices start from $89/month for businesses. Hotjar Pricing.

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