How do I personalize my user onboarding?

The essence of a perfect user onboarding is to show your users the real value of your product. There are a few ways to personalize this experience for users to maximize the conversion.

Personalizing user onboarding with a warm welcoming from the founder

A great way to do that is a thorough product tour after the first login. What do people expect while going to some place the first time? A warm welcoming.

What else is better welcoming to a product than the smiling face of its founder? Below you can see an example of it, with Mobile Action.

user onboarding personalizing with UserGuiding

We had such a great success story, you can read my other answer on Quora, Mert Aktas’s answer to What is that 1 tactic you implemented to reduce churn in your SaaS company this year? for more details.

Personalizing user onboarding with detailed targeting and segmenting

user onboarding personalizing with detailed targeting

Welcome your users from Quora, with a unique Quora message for them. 
Have lots of users talking Spanish? Acoger them in Spanish!

Personalizing user onboarding with detailed custom attributes

user onboarding personalizing with custom attributes

If your product has different screens, buttons, fields for workers, members, engineers, managers, C-level executives, you should work on their onboarding flows one by one and your onboarding tool should let you treat them differently.

The solution: An advanced user onboarding software such as Userguiding, that can do everything above, and more.

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