How to Onboard A New User & Tips for a Better Onboarding Funnel


How you need to design your product’s user onboarding for new customers depends directly on what you offer to them. Do not forget that unnecessary product tours affect user experience negatively rather than improve it. If you provide one simple solution to your customers, one welcome in-app message may be enough. Otherwise, your new users will click “Hide this guide” button immediately or will be bothered before doing anything.

However, if you have a SaaS business providing with many different and somewhat complicated solutions, you should create a new user onboarding walkthrough to welcome a customer. As I emphasized in my another blog post “Benefits of User Onboarding“, new customers make purchase decisions in the first few minutes. You should not leave your potential customers alone during this most critical moments.

Onboarding A New User

User Onboarding is the process of interacting with customers to boost engagement and help facilitate their transition from new user to long-term client. An outstanding user onboarding generally occurs across numerous channels and can particularly have an effect on a user’s long-term interactions with SaaS

You should pay attention these three issues when you prepare welcome walkthrough.

3 Clues to Onboard A New User:

1) Personalize Your Guide: Creating a personalized guide plays an essential role in both customer acquisition and retention. Customizing your guides by adding your and CEO’s photo, for instance, to the first page is a warm welcome and that makes your customers feel like a friend with your product. Moreover, if your user onboarding tool provides with using the customer name in guides, that also will be nice. “Hi John” is always better than only “Hi”.

    2) Keep it short and simple: You do not have to show all your features and all how it works. Ideally, new user onboarding tours should be 7-8 steps at most. Don’t forget that your user is not there for just fun; they need to solve a problem with your SaaS more efficiently. Keep away from showing the parts that the users may not use any time like “How to change the password?”.

    3) Design it comprehensive: Since it is the first product guide for the new users, you should design it more generally to show the most critical parts of the business. If building a comprehensive tour does not make any sense for your business, you can also show a walkthrough prepared for the killer feature as a welcome tour. Moreover, you need to create different product guides for each main feature or function of SaaS to create a perfect user onboarding experience.

What is a SaaS Onboarding Funnel?

SaaS Onboarding Funnel: A period that starts right after users sign up for free trial until they decide to purchase your SaaS product.

It is a highly critical duration of time as you notice and getting the visitors signed up is just a first step. You have to follow a couple of steps to make users decide to choose your product. For further knowledge, here is another article about Increasing Product Adoption:

What is Product Adoption & How to Measure and Increase It for a SaaS Product?

How to Create a Better Onboarding Funnel?

Onboarding is generally not a flawless process. Beyond what your product offers to users, how they get to the product is a significant issue here. To draw an analogy, your product’s onboarding funnel is metaphorically a fiction scenario in which each customer has a leading role and you are apparently the scripwriter and also a director here. Your main task is creating a simple and a comprehensible plot that users easily understand. Then, second task is directing users to your product in a minimalistic way.


Stay tuned for better User Onboarding!

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