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Mobile Action is an intuitive App Store Optimization and Mobile App Intelligence platform that helps app publishers rank higher in app store search, get more organic downloads and understand vital metrics that will help them make the right business decisions. The all-in-one platform gives everyone from indie developers to large enterprises precise data to gain the competitive advantage. Mobile Action’s products are powered by proprietary algorithms that give its users insights that are simply not available on other platforms.



Mobile Action is offering an enormous amount of features to its users. Since the platform provides in-depth recommendations on how users can improve their app marketing, Mobile Action filters and presents data in many different ways. The wide range of different options to observe the findings, makes the platform complicated to use and affects usability metrics in an unfavorable way.



Furthermore, Mobile Action develops and offers new features very often. To benefit the new features that are being released, the users need to be informed effectively.

UserGuiding, which is an interactive user onboarding tool, help companies improve product adoption by designing interactive guidesand help pages without coding. Thanks to UserGuiding’s UI, non-technical product staff can create interactive tutorials, in-app messages, and reusable guides in minutes. Mobile Action started to use UserGuiding to create walkthroughs step by step for its users.


Mobile Action/Interactive Guide Modal

Mobile Action/Interactive Guide Tooltip

Through the use of UserGuiding’s onboarding tool, Mobile Action’s product adoption has improved, which led to a %26 increase of their Net Promoter Score. The tool also helped Mobile Action to decrease their customer service workload, since the pre-prepared interactive guides assisted users find what they were looking for, without asking for aid.


Number of users who have fully completed a task by using a new released feature, within the specified time period. (Each two sample consists of 1000 different users, that belong to the same segment)

More than that, it is now simpler for Mobile Action team to introduce the new features that are being added to the platform. As a result they have observed an %38 increase on the ‘breadth of adoption’ whereas a %32 decrease on the ‘time to adapt’.

Number of sessions which are fully completed by using a new released feature, within the specified time period.(Each two sample consists of 1000 different users, that belong to the same segment)


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