5 Tips for More Engaging Product Tours

Product tours are one of the most important parts of user onboarding. Especially when releasing a new feature or onboarding new users, they boost user engagement and let you upsell more advanced plans or other features.

But why a product walkthrough is so important for user experience? πŸ€”

Basically, to guide users to let them see the real value of your product before they look for alternatives. And, turn them to customers.

Let’s dive into some product onboarding tour tips that will help you create much more effective guides.

5 ways to create more engaging product tours

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Product Tour Tips by Userguiding - Analytics

#1- Set up analytics tools to analyze onboarding experience

As well-known management guru Peter Drucker says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” πŸ“ˆ

In addition to Google Analytics, you should use another data tracking tool such as Woopra, Mixpanel, Amplitude etc. Create funnels to see which part of your onboarding needs improvement. If your users started your product tour but finished half of it, you know where to give them a little encouragement.

#2- Get a habit of A/B testing for constant growth

If you have around 100 visitors daily to your website, you can start A/B testing for growth. But you may ask, what is A/B testing? πŸ€”

“It’s a method of comparing two versions of a website or app against each other to determine which one performs better. ” As Google’s A/B testing tool Google Optimize explains. Instead of saying “I think we should put our product tour video to the first step!”, an A/B test will let you say “I know we should put our product tour video to the first step!”

A code-free product tour platform will let your marketing teams prepare guided product tours and test, as much as they want. Without disturbing your busy developers.

#3- One-size-fits-all doesn’t work on product tours

You have to segment your users and show the right guide to the right people.

If it’s the first time a user is visiting your website, delay your product walkthrough to let them explore your product.

If you want to increase product adoption for French users, welcome them with a “Bonjour!”

With product walkthrough software such as Userguiding, you can segment users by location, language, traffic referral etc. and show the related guide to the right users.

Product Tour Tips bu Userguiding - Videos

#4- Videos and animations increase engagement

A video or animation in the first or last modal of your product tour will help you train your visitors about your product.

Create a video that shows your face, tell the killer feature of your product and your users will be ready to use your product.

#5- Show your product’s value before action

Before starting your product walkthrough, let the users know the value of your product with a basic explanation. This way, visitors will know that finishing the product tour will worth their time and understand the value of your product more clearly.

Why should you use a product walkthrough software instead of building them insource?

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